Dream Moon

Moon from Pixabay

What is their purpose, their meaning, their physiological basis…? Dreams have mystified and astonished humanity throughout history.

Much research on this elusive subject has  uncovered a mixture of fact, fantasy and controversy. What is known is that dreams are essential for an optimal awake state. Subjects  deprived of dreams in sleep lab studies have been found to be severely compromised when awake.


These have occurred throughout history: Following inspiring dreams solutions to difficult and elusive questions have been discovered by scientists, inventors, artists and the religious. It is as if the dream processes and integrates complex problems whilst asleep, and then reveals the answer to be used in the awake state.

Two notable instances of this include:
Elias Howe, creator of the sewing machine: He could not work out how it the machine could function with the eye of the needle at the traditional rear end. In a dream he was captured by savages and noticed that the tips of their spears had holes in them. This was the answer! The eye of the needle was moved from the rear end to the pointed end, and the sewing machine was born!

Friedrich Kekule a German biochemist was stuck in his attempts to try to work out the molecular structure of benzine. In a dream he saw a snake biting it’s own tail. From this he worked out the “benzine ring” molecular structure.


Dream Flight

The bright blue spring sky was speckled with puffy white clouds. I decided to see if I could float and indeed found I could! Soon I was gently skimming across a countryside of emerald green fields, winding fences and roads. Far below was a pool full of people happily swimming about. I glided down into it’s cool waters. A girl who seemed to recognise me, swam across……Read More






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