PROCRASTINATE LATER (and a glimmer of movement:)

Pasted on my loo door is a quote that has been a constant reminder to get moving again with the site.

“Procrastinate Later”

This post hopefully marks the end of a long period of procrastination caused partly by work issues, but also by laziness and apathy! I am expecting a downturn in work during March and April which should give me no excuse not to get the site moving again.

For a start I have trimmed down the Menu to only those items that have content. This should reduce the frustration of constantly clicking on an item to find it empty. I admit I was overly ambitious in the beginning and did not see then, the difficulty of filling such a variation of topics in a short time. I am hoping many of these topics will get content in time but the site should now grow “naturally” rather then being the “structured but empty shell” that it was.
My apologies to those who may have been clicking their precious time away through this “empty shell.”

Signed: “Your Novice Website Designer”




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  1. Marion

    Thanks for posting this Shawn. I tend to ‘never do today that which can be put off until tomorrow’ so I understand the tendency to procrastinate. I believe we have a similar attitude towards self-worth and you may enjoy visiting my website.

    1. admin (Post author)

      Marion, I have a poster on my bathroom door – “Procrastinate Later” (Does not always work though:) I guess it is a universal human habit, however like all negative habits, they can be countered by positive ones. I like your site which is uplifting and “food for action.” (Interesting, Kristy mentioned her cluttered house (which we have) and a never used, wooden pump organ (which we also have!).

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